The Group is organized  to enable coordination between its different operations. The President & CEO is responsible for the Association’s day-to-day management The Group's operations are divided into  four sectors - Agriculture, Machinery, Energy, Food and the segment Real Estate.The Group is supported and advised by corporate functions - Legal Affairs & Compliance, Finance & Treasury, M&A & Business Development, Supply Chain & IT, Human Resources & Internal Communication, Communications & Branding, R&D and Sustainable Development. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of nine members elected by the Meeting, three employee representatives and the President. The Director Legal Affairs CF serves as the Board’s secretary. 

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Group Management

The Group Management Team has overall responsibility for coordinating the operations at Lantmännen. The Group Management Team comprises the Group President, all Heads of Sectors and the Heads of the Corporate Functions. 

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External auditors

The auditors are tasked with auditing the annual report, consolidated financial statements, accounting records and administration of the Board and President & CEO. There are four regular auditors.

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Nomination committee

The Nomination Committee is tasked with preparing and presenting proposals for the election and remuneration of Group Board members and auditors, and making recommendations on the remuneration of other elected representatives. 

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