Important issues

Based on business intelligence and stakeholder dialogues we have identified a number of issues that are of particular interest to many of our customers and consumers. These issues mainly concern sustainable farming, and our primary and end products. 


In order to stop climate change and secure productive farming in the future, the climate impact of food production has to be reduced. 

More environment-friendly food

Palm oil

To ensure responsible palm oil production, we only purchase RSPO-certified palm oil. We are also working to accelerate the transition to this responsible sourcing together with colleagues in the industry and interest groups.

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The premise is that we want safe products at all stages of our customers and consumers feel confident, and that no uncertified sludge to be returned to the fields.

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GMO / genetic engineering

food products do not contain any raw materials from genetically modified crops. We also ensure availability of non-GMO feed.

Our approach

Organic or conventional

The question of whether organic or conventional farming is the best solution for a sustainable food production has been raised many times. Lantmännen believes that both conventional and organic cultivation methods need to be further developed.

Demand for sustainably produced food

Stem-shortening agent

Stem-shortening agents inhibit the growth of grain stems, reducing the risk of crop lodging. We work to ensure that the use of chemicals in cultivation is sustainable, to minimize environmental and health-related risks.

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Soy is a common and important source of protein in feed production. However, soy farming has negative consequences for humans and the environment around the world. This is why we support and purchase RTRS-certified soy.

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One-third of the world's countries are threatened by a shortage of water. To ensure all people have access to clean water, from a global perspective, we need to achieve more efficient water use and avoid over-extraction from risk areas.

Clean water is global challenge

Plant nutrients (fertiliser)

Eutrophication of water bodies through the leaching of nutrients from arable land is one of the key environmental issues in agriculture. Contamination by heavy metals in different fertilisers and broken cycles for phosphorus and other essential nutrients are additional challenges to be dealt with.

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Crop protection

Plant protection is about protecting crops from diseases, pests and weed competition. Plant protection is not just about chemical control, but also encompasses crop rotation, projections, choice of cultivar and mechanical and biological methods.

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Apart from nutrients, planted crops can also absorb undesired substances that are naturally present in soils. One of these substances is cadmium. Lantmännen works hard to minimize cadmium levels in our food products. 

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