Sustainability Report

Lantmännen endeavours to provide relevant and transparent reporting of the work on responsibility and sustainable development. Lantmännen publishes an integrated Annual Report and Sustainability Report. The appendix Sustainability-related indicators is complementary to this.

The 2015 sustainability report is developed in accordance with the GRI's G4 guidelines, core level, including the industry-specific guidelines for the food sector (GRI Food Processing Sector Supplement). Cross-reference index according to GRI can be found here. 

Lantmännen's annual and sustainability reports, together with the information published on the website, fulfil the requirements of Communication on Progress (COP), which is a disclosure on progress in implementing the Global Compact principles on corporate responsibility. 

Our key issues based on impact on people, the environment and long-term profitability

Governance, organisation and responsibility

The Code of Conduct is the common thread in the work

Our responsibility is defined in Lantmännen's Code of Conduct. The code provides guidelines for social and environmental responsibility in the different special areas that are relevant to Lantmännen's operations, and these are based on the Global Compact's ten principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Implementation of the Code of Conduct throughout the business is a key part of our sustainability programme. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is monitored annually by Group management.

Organisation and responsibility

Each area of the code comes under the responsibility of different members of Group management, apart from the 'products' area, where each head of sector is responsible for his or her own products.  The members of Group management who are responsible for areas of the code serve on a CSR committee, with overall responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the work and decisions on policy issues.

CSR Council members

  • Per Arfvidsson (Chairman), Senior Vice President Supply Chain 
  • Claes Johansson, (Secretary) Sustainable Development & Environment 
  • Elisabeth Wallin Mononen, Human Resources & Internal Communication 
  • Tove Cederborg, General Counsel 
  • Madelaine Hellqvist Kongstad, Group Communication & Brands
  • Mats Larsson, Research & Development
  • Peter Tull, Supply Chain
  • Janica Cronedal, Compliance officer


All employees receive training in the Code of Conduct and this takes the form of Group-wide web-based training. In addition, there are also specific skills development activities for specific professions.