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At Lantmännen, we believe that everything we do is connected – from planting a seed in the field to making the most out of every resource. That’s why we develop and invest in sustainable farming, efficient machinery, bio-refineries and high-quality food. We want to constantly challenge ourselves to keep expanding and improving: that means that we need more curious and passionate people, who can push us to find new paths. Right now, we’re looking for new talents that want to be part of a dynamic and global Group with a vision for growth – people who can reimagine the world of grain.


Stretch your mind and influence the road ahead

As a trainee in our 15-month program, you will get to try out four different positions across various sectors, countries and professions – while learning more about your passion and finding your thing within Lantmännen. Projects vary greatly, and are meant to provide you with a wide range of knowledge and competencies.

Several training sessions are held throughout the program, which gives you the possibility to explore interests and quickly evolve in your personal and professional development. You will also get to dive deeper into a specific area through one of several strategic group assignments – projects initiated by Lantmännen’s team of top executives.

The program will allow you to grow your global network and share insights and experiences with skilled colleagues. It’s a chance to make a real impact both in our Group – but also on society and peoples’ everyday lives. After the program is finished, you will continue your career in a position somewhere in our international business.


Do you want to place your mark with us?

We are looking for people who share our passion for the future of agriculture, machinery, energy, and food – like us, you want to reimagine the world of grain. We want people who have the ambition to make a difference, and who are driven and confident in taking responsibility for creating results. As a person, we believe that you can quickly adapt to new circumstances, that you are courageous, and that you want to challenge yourself.

In order to qualify, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree, preferably with a specialization in Business, Engineering or Agriculture – placing you firmly at the doorstep of your professional career. You also have:

  • international experience, e.g. through studies, work or from living abroad
  • worked, volunteered or engaged yourself in other relevant activities or organizations, e.g. parallel with your studies
  • fluent English language skills

Our Graduate Trainee Program is a unique and promising start to your career. We offer to invest in your development and to challenge you along the way for you to be able to go full circle with your ambitions. We provide the set-up – you provide the talent. With commitment, drive and new ideas, you will become a vital part of our future success and development - taking responsibility from field to fork.

Let´s reimagine the world of grain!

In this recruitment, Lantmännen collaborates with Novare. You apply for the service by clicking here. For more information about the service, please contact Louise Eriksson Hellstrand by mailing to