Grow together with us

With a wide range of businesses within agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, food and real estate, we offer career opportunities in every direction across industries, countries, companies and areas of expertise.

We provide cross-sector opportunities to develop breadth to expertise

Opportunities to gain exposure to new markets and cultures. 

We provide opportunities for both a specialist and a managerial career.


We provide cross-functional/sector opportunities to develop breadth of expertise 

We invest in our leaders

At Lantmännen we build-from-within, as we believe that hands on experience is key when it comes to leadership development. To hone our employees leadership skills even further we have developed tailored training programs for both our more senior leaders and our emerging talents. These are just some examples of the different development opportunities available at Lantmännen and one of many reasons to start your learning journey with us.


Our Early Talent Program is all about exploring yourself and your potential in combination with gaining a deeper insight into our businesses.


For middle managers, we have our Grow program; a comprehensive 13-month training within areas such as strategy, result-oriented leadership, change dynamics, and team leadership. We also work with mentors, coaching, leadership seminars and web-based trainings. 


Our Executive Coaching Program provide our senior leaders with an 18-month development journey including an external executive coach.

We want our leaders to have the drive to develop both themselves and other employees, to be able to motivate and inspire others – and to see the potential in each individual. Being able to communicate clearly and being inclusive and open to input, are, to our mind, important qualities for a good leader. Lantmännen has developed six guiding stars for our leaders, which highlight how we view the role of a manager.