Our operations

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. Lantmännen is owned by 25 000 farmers and with grain at the heart of our operations, we refine arable land resources to make farming thrive. 


Lantmännen's core business and offers products and services to promote strong, competitive farming.

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 Imports, markets and sells agricultural machinery, spare parts and services.

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The Energy Sector is Sweden’s largest producer of bioenergy products.

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Develops, processes and markets products including flour, breakfastfoods, pasta, frozen and fresh bread, crispbread and ready-to-eat meals.

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Second part of the Lantmännen support package is now going out to the members

The second half of Lantmännen’s support package – around SEK 55 million – is now on its way to the members. The money going to the farmers is based on their trading with Lantmännen Lantbruk Sweden from September to December 2018.

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The Lantmännen Annual and Sustainability Report 2018

Despite last year’s drought, Lantmännen show a strong financial result for 2018 with a historically high dividend to our members, the Swedish farmers. Lantmännen have also made great progress in...

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Looking ahead at the 2019 harvest

Last year’s drought with a near halving of grain harvests dealt a severe blow to Swedish agriculture and will have consequences for several years to come. Lantmännen’s experts have compiled a repor...

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Good food from Lantmännen

The way to good food begins with the sowing of a seed and the hope of a good harvest and a good meal. Our ambition, just like that of cultivation in general, has always been the quest to make the best of what the earth can provide. You’ll find Lantmännen’s green sprout on our packs in your store – look out for it so you know you are buying responsibly produced food. We are always striving to produce food in a sustainable manner, from field to fork.