Financial Information

Here we collect our financial reports; such as year-end reports, interim reports, and annual & sustainability reports.

Continued strong profit development in the first four months of 2017

2017 has so far been a successful year. Lantmännen continues to develop in a positive way. There is a strong momentum in the businesses, and the strong earnings trend from last year has been maintained. Lantmännen's interim reports are published each tertial period (four months) and earlier each quarter.

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Year-end Reports

Lantmännen's Year-end Report is published once a year. Here are the results of the last period, as well as the entire financial year.

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Lantmännen reports record result for 2016

Lantmännen’s result for 2016 is the highest result Lantmännen has ever delivered and amounts to 1 548 MSEK. Thanks to the strong result, the Board decided on increased refund and final price adjustment for Lantmännen’s owners, Swedish farmers. The Board’s full dividend proposal is the highest in Lantmännen’s history.

Lantmännen Annual and Sustainability Reports