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We invest in our leaders

Lantmännen works with a long-term approach to develop leaders and employees, to increase diversity and equality and to create safer and better workplaces. Lantmännen is an attractive employer where every employee contributes to achieving our operational goals.

Lantmännen works actively on internal skills and leadership development programs, such as Leadership training, Change management and Project management, which are run continuously, with participants from all Sectors and countries. Two other important international leadership development programs are GROW and GAP, which are one-year programs for employees with high potential for further development as leaders within Lantmännen.

For younger managers we have a programme called Grow – a 13-month fully-inclusive course, that deals with subjects such as strategic thinking, result-oriented leadership, the dynamics of change, and leading groups. We also work with mentors, coaching, leadership seminars and web-based training.

The managers at Lantmännen are the ones who are responsible for the permeation of our values - openness, overall perspective and decisiveness - throughout the company.

To guarantee good leadership, Lantmännen has established six guiding principles for managers to illuminate how the company views the work of a manager.

  • Drive performance
  • Will to win
  • Involve and inspire
  • Grow talent
  • Develop yourself
  • Be brave