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Lantmännen Summer Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain a better insight into what Lantmännen are all about and at the same time, enable us to be supported by ambitious and driven students. Apply for our Summer Internship today.

The application period has started. We want your application no later than 2017-03-10.

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The Summer Internship is for 5-7 weeks. These weeks are split between June and August so you will probably be free during the holiday period. You can agree the exact dates with your mentor. You will be engaged on a challenging project or assignment with a role adapted to you as a student. Which specific projects will be undertaken will be determined later on during the recruitment process.

From 3 to 6  students will be offered places within the Lantmännen Summer Internship Programme each period. Degree course backgrounds differ from year to year but university students taking Business Studies, Engineering & Technology and Agronomy are usually in demand. The Internship are aimed at students with at least 2 terms remaining until they graduate and are remunerated.

In years when our Summer Internship Programme does not run, we offer our much appreciated Graduate Trainee Programme instead.

If you have any further questions about Lantmännen Summer Internships, please contact Hampus Bagewitz (applications by email are not accepted).

Summer Project 2015

  • Corporate Function Supply Chain (Energy and Environment area)
  • Analysis of Lantmännen energy contracts in Sweden and the development of an action plan.
  • Energy Sector (R&D area)
  • Analysis and evaluation via e.g. market survey, general financial calculations and production process for a new biofuel product for Lantmännen.
  • Agriculture Sector (Market area)
  • Competitor analysis and pricing strategy project


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