Graduate Trainee Programme

Lantmännen graduate trainee programme helps to ensure the Group's long-term supply of competent managers and employees for key positions. We are looking for engineers, economists/business students and agricultural scientists.

The recruitment process for the 2018-2019 programme opens in mid-October!

Our international graduate programme helps to ensure the Group's long-term supply of competent managers and employees for key positions. As trainee we offer you a unique start to your career. You will work with strong brands and exciting issues regarding the future within energy, agriculture or food in our international company. At the same time you will help contribute to our vision of a healthier society and create a valuable network for yourself. With your commitment, drive and ideas you will become a vital part of our success and development. When you have completed the program successfully new challenges will await you in one of our businesses.

Per Olof Nyman, CEO and Group President

Personal and professional growth

The programme extends over 15 months and provides an overall view of the entire group and our work. The graduate trainee program consists of four work experience periods, each lasting up to 3 months. During each internship you will be responsible for a project or a range of tasks that are critical to our business. You will be located abroad for at least one period. The four different work periods placements is discussed together with the programme manager and can be located all around Lantmännen's different operations. 

Training blocks run in parallel with the work experience periods. The training blocks gather the whole group together and provide a good platform within many important areas such as leadership, personal development and business skills. You will also work on a strategic project that is important for the Group's future development and initiated by the Group Management Team.

Follow-up, coaching and recharging take place between the internships, both as a group and individually. You will have your own mentor and will be given continuous individual coaching. Your placement and your continued work within the Group will be discussed during the programme.

Strategic Group Assignment

An important part of the graduate program is the group assignment. It gives you insight and knowledge about the group's vision and strategies, as well as increased understanding of our unique position in the market where we take the responsibility for the entire value chain- from field to fork. Thanks to meetings with key persons within the group, you will get the opportunity to create a valuable network which can enhance your career in long-term. The assignment will take approximately 10% of the groups time during 10 months and a project owner/supervisor will guide the group throught their work.

Example of former group assignments:

  • Profitability within Sustainable development
  • Alternative energy within Machinery
  • Product innovation within Agriculture

After completed programme you will be able to reach you permanent position anywhere in our international organisation. We are looking for high performing individuals with great potential. You are interested in a career within a global company and driving our business forward. You have at least a B.Sc within engineering, business/economics or agri-science and your personal character is very important to us.

  • Duration, 15 months
  • Form of employment, permanent
  • Number of attendants is 5-8
  • Bachelor degree is a requirement

The four projects and the group assignment

As trainee we offer you a unique start to your career. You will be able to experience a wide range of business areas, operations and challenges during the programme. 

The projects

You will have four different positions during the programme. These are spread around our business areas depending on what type of project you will work with. At least one of the positions will have to be abroad. Lantmännens biggest markets are the Nordic countries, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, the Baltic countries, Russia and the US.

Placements in Sweden depend on the project you will be assigned or choose. Lantmännen operates all over Sweden and typical placements are Malmö and Stockholm.

The first two positions are decided by the Programme Manager. The first one is based on your educational background and the second one is an "outside your comfort zone"- position.

The last two positions are up to you as a trainee. You will be presented with a list of options but you will more or less have the possibility to create your own project and placement. Of course your Programme Manager will help you with guidance and contacts.

The projects are diversified and a clear goal is to give you as a trainee a wide knowledge in different areas of Lantmännen's overall business.

Example of former project areas:

  • Market analysis in the Czech Republic
  • Internal communication strategy
  • Restructuring from functional steeard activties to process based
  • Corporate brand platform
  • Sustainble development rapport
  • Market analysis of the US market
  • CRM-system development
  • LEAD (our Lean) evaluation
  • Quality assurance - Production
  • Project manager - Global Warehouse footprint