Agriculture Sector

The Agriculture Sector constitutes Lantmännen’s core business and offers products and services to promote strong, competitive farming.

The Agriculture Sector is based in Sweden, but also has a strong position in the Baltic Sea region through international ownership interests. International partnerships in plant breeding and feed development bring new expertise and research which is utilized and then turned into products that are adapted to Swedish farming conditions.

Lantmännen Lantbruk

Lantmännen Lantbruk Sweden offers a wide range of livestock and crop production products under strong brands. Lantmännen Lantbruk Sweden is a major player in the grain market, trading in grain, oilseeds, pulses and seed with farmers, grain traders and industries in Sweden and internationally. Through product and business development, Lantmännen Lantbruk Sweden works to strengthen Swedish farming. Internationally, Lantmännen Lantbruk conducts business through Lantmännen Agro Oy in Finland, Lantmännen Agro A/S in Denmark and Lantmännen SW Seed BV in Holland.

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Lantmännen Maskin

Lantmännen Maskin, which is part of Division Agriculture, imports, markets and sells agricultural machinery, spare parts and services. Lantmännen Maskin offers strong brands, including Valtra, Fendt, Kuhn and Väderstad.

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Lantmännen Agro Oy

Lantmännen Agro Oy (former K-maatalous) is one of the biggest operators in the Finnish agricultural market. Lantmännen Agro Oy has 45 independent retailers that provide stake goods for plant cultivation, lining, spare parts and tools. The company also trades with grain on the Finnish market. 

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Lantmännen Krafft

Lantmännen Krafft is Sweden’s largest supplier of horse feed and one of the largest in the Nordic region. The company is represented in about ten countries in addition to Sweden, with well-known brands such as Krafft Groov and Krafft Sport. 

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