Energy Sector

The Energy Sector is Sweden’s largest producer of bioenergy products and sustainable energy. The Sector’s companies manufacture and market sustainable ethanol, protein feed, glucose syrup, starch products, alkylate petrol, potable spirits and gluten. 

The Energy Sector’s business areas are Lantmännen Agroetanol, Lantmännen Aspen and Lantmännen Reppe. The Energy Sector operates in a global market, with the main focus on Europe. The Sector’s companies offer responsibly produced environmentally smart energy, food and industrial products and related services. Production takes place in Sweden and the Sector has wholly or partly-owned sales companies in France and Germany. The Group’s climate and energy targets permeate the Sector’s operations and the Sector is continuously improving production quality and efficiency.


Lantmännen Agroetanol is a large-scale biorefinery which processes the main base raw material grain into renewable alternatives to non-sustainable or fossil products.

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Lantmännen Aspen develops, manufactures and markets Aspen alkylate petrol, an environmentally friendly petroleum product, almost completely free from harmful substances like benzene and other aromatics.

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Lantmännen Reppe creates value by processing wheat into glucose syrup, wheat gluten, potable spirits, starch products and animal feed.

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Office & Facilities

Head Office
S:t Göransgatan 160A
SE-104 25 Stockholm
Phone: +46 10 556 00 00 (switchboard)

Lantmännen Agroetanol 
Hanholmsvägen 69
Box 932
SE-601 19 Norrköping
Phone: +46 10 556 01 50

Lantmännen Aspen 
Iberovägen 2
SE-438 54 Hindås
Phone: +46 301 23 00 00

Lantmännen Reppe
Stora Räppevägen 73
352 30 Växjö
Phone: +46 470 70 41 00

SBE Latvia
"Griki", Laucininas Pag
Talsi Raj, LV-3285 Lauciena
Phone: +371 329 13 61

Press contacts

Henrik Hydén
Communication, Agroetanol
Mobile: +46 730 79 15 25

Alarik Sandrup
Director Public and Regulatory Affairs
Mobile: +46 706 02 87 80

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