Here at Lantmännen, we live off the land. It is the source of everything we produce and the basis of our entire operation. The land and what happens to it is therefore extremely important to us. Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative that is owned by Swedish farmers. We use a large proportion of the arable land in Sweden. We also produce a lot of the food we eat and the energy that keeps us warm. As one of the largest groups in the agriculture, bioenergy and food industries in the Nordic region, Lantmännen has a responsibility and an opportunity to influence development.

 Our brief

Lantmännen emerged at the end of the 19th Century when Swedish farmers started to cooperate to organise the combined supply and transport of their produce to growing towns. Today, we are a cooperative enterprise owned and directed by 25,000 farmers. We are also an important business partner of agriculture companies. Our brief is to contribute to the profitability of our owners’ farms and maximise return on their capital in the association. At the same time, we are involved from seed to harvest - through the food on our tables, the feed to our livestock and climate smart biofuel on our roads.

Our brand promise

Together we take responsibility from field to fork.

Our vision

We lead the processing of farmland recourses in an innovative and responsible way for the future of agriculture. 

Our mission

We make farming thrive. 


Lantmännen's contribution - today and in the future

We husband the earth's resources in a responsible way and are involved throughout the entire value chain from field to fork. Our unique business model ensures customers and consumers have sustainable products and innovative new solutions, and at the same time, it creates value for our owners and contributes to viable agriculture. Everyone who comes in contact with Lantmännen can feel secure in the knowledge that we promote viable agriculture, greener energy and a sustainable food chain on a daily basis - both today and in the future.

Via a circular approach, we protect the earth and utilise every part of our enterprise

Closing the circle and contributing to a circular economy is part of our responsibilities from field to fork. Via a circular approach, we protect the earth and utilise every part of our enterprise. For example, we convert old bread crumbs and waste from grain production into energy and biofuel. Our production sites in Järna, Sweden and Moss, Norway are heated by by-products from production.

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Research and innovation

Lantmännen invests in both internal and external research projects to develop new knowledge. Each year, we invest 250-300 MSEK in various research and innovation projects.

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Good food begins in the field

The way to good food begins with the sowing of a seed and the hope of a good harvest and a good meal. Our ambition, just like that of cultivation in general, has always been the quest to make the...

Important issues

You can read more here about Lantmännen's position on issues such as palm oil, organic and conventional farming, GMO/genetic engineering and origin. 

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides guidelines on social and environmental responsibilities and is based on the Global Compact and its ten principles on human rights, employment law, the environment and corruption.

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CSR Council

The relevant members of Group Management are on a CSR Council with overall responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of CSR work and decision making on policy issues.

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Sustainability Report

We present our sustainability work in our annual report. We apply the GRI guidelines.

The Lantmännen Sustainability Report

The Haga Initiative

Lantmännen is a member of the Haga Initiative, a business network that strives to reduce the impact of business on climate change emissions and to promote the climate issue.

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Sustainable Food Chain

Lantmännen is one of the organisations behind Sustainable Food Chain with the goal of contributing to more sustainable food production and consumption by the year 2030.

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Sustainability blog

Lantmännen's Sustainability Manager, Claes Johansson, blogs about developments within the sustainability area - at both a macro and micro level. The blog is in Swedish. 

United Nations - Global Compact

In 2009, Lantmännen signed the UN initiative for responsible enterprise, which entails a commitment to implement ten principles for corporate responsibility in its enterprise. 

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Lantmännen views the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in parallel with Swedish environment goals, as important in efforts to define significant sustainability issues.

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