Good food begins in the fields

The way to good food begins with the sowing of a seed and the hope of a good harvest and a good meal. Our ambition, just like that of cultivation in general, has always been the quest to make the best of what the earth can provide. You’ll find Lantmännen’s green sprout on our packs in your store – look out for it so you know you are buying responsibly produced food. We are always striving to produce food in a sustainable manner, from field to fork.

A friendlier wheat

With Lantmännen's new cultivation concept Climate & Nature, we have developed Friendlier wheat - the wheat with lower climate and environmental impact. Friendlier wheat enables consumers to easily make a sustainable choice when they choose flower. Read more about our sustainability work and the different flower types by using the link below. 

Sustainable cultivation

Kungsörnen bönpasta - Cotelli, Fusilli, Gnocchi

Bean pasta that tastes like pasta

Our new bean pasta has the same taste and texture as ordinary pasta, but contains 30 per cent Öland beans, which provide more protein and more fibre. Kungsörnen bean pasta has been developed to make the most of all the benefits the beans have to offer.

Our greenest pasta

Full of flavour and with no added sugar

Our new granolas from AXA are blends of oven-roasted, crispy muesli that are full of flavour and contain no added sugar. Made from oats, rye and barley, they are naturally rich in minerals. Indulge yourself with a more luxurious breakfast!

AXA Granola with no added sugar

Learn more about carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide the body with energy, help our stomach to work properly and help us absorb other important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It is important to choose good carbohydrates, because when it comes to your health, quality is much more important than quantity...

Quick guide to carbohydrates

Good food is responsibly produced

Learn more about our four cereals

Can you tell the difference from wheat, oats, rye and barley?

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Our brands

Below you will find some of our food brands on the Swedish market.