Head of Purchasing, Planning and Optimization at Lantmännen’s Grain Unit

Axel Walle

Axel’s department provides the feed production with raw materials of the right quality, at the right time, at a good price that is competitive in the market. Axel has also gone through Lantmännen’s program Grow, which is a comprehensive 13-month training in areas such as strategic thinking, result-oriented leadership, change dynamics, and group leadership.

How has Lantmännen contributed to your career development?
“I’ve had great support in my career development. I’ve always felt that I’ve received new challenges in my positions and successfully more responsibility – but also since I had the opportunity to take Lantmännen’s Grow program. That led to a lot of development, both personally and professionally.”

You’ve worked in grain trading before. It’s a pretty complex area, could you explain it in a simple way?
“Over the last 10 years or so, the grain market has become much more volatile. It’s also an industry with very tight trade margins, and since we handle huge volumes and amounts, we have great demands on handling price risks. To manage price movements, we need to actively work with hedging our prices risks, for example in commodity exchanges. If we have the wrong market position our margins vanish really quickly.”

What is exciting about working in Lantmännen’s Agriculture Sector?
“Agribusiness is an area where a lot happens. The market structures are constantly changing, which means that we also need to adapt to be at the forefront. It’s a lot of fun to work closely with primary production, which is close to our owners and their businesses. It’s also exciting to work in international markets, with suppliers from many parts of the world.”

Do you have any advice for people just starting their careers?
“Don’t be too picky or place to high demands on your first job. You can always reach your dream job through hard work and the right attitude. My first job at Lantmännen, as an assistant, wasn’t my dream position – but over time, I moved into an interesting and exciting environment.”

Education: Economic Agronomist, SLU

Start at Lantmännen: Applied for the trainee program, but wasn’t accepted. Was contacted a few weeks later and offered a job as assistant at the Grain Unit.

Colleagues: The Grain Unit needs people with knowledge and experience in animal production; nutritionists; purchasers with experience of commodities; and people who know logistics and supply chain.

Previous positions

Key Account Manager
Product Market Manager at the Grain Unit

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