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Elin Stoij

An engineer from Småland with great international interest. Elin started as a graduate trainee at Lantmännen, and moved on as a strategic analyst. Now she’s gone across the Atlantic to work at our office in Chicago.

1. You’ve had an exciting start at Lantmännen, what can you say about it?
“I was part of Lantmännen’s trainee program, where I got to work with supply chain issues in Agriculture and Cerealia, international businesses at Unibake UK outside London, strategy and business development at Group Controlling – and finally marketing at Unibake US in Chicago. I continued in strategy and business development at Group Controlling, but after two years I wanted to work closer to the business, in an international context, and contribute to taking the strategies from PowerPoints out into the marketplace. The position at Unibake US opened up, which was perfect!”

2. What is your current position?
“In the US, we produce our own bread in Florida, and we import French pastries and croissants from our sister companies in Denmark, the UK, and Belgium. I work with all categories from a market perspective, develop strategies for our various products and sales channels, work closely together with the sales function with creating customer-specific concepts – and with R&D to develop and launch new products.”

3. What fascinates you with Lantmännen?
“The operations from field to fork, the strong ‘moral compass’ in the company and among all employees – and the international reach.”

4. Do you have any advice for people just starting their careers?
“Believe in yourself and your ability, but also remember to take care of contacts and relationships you create during your career journey.”

Education: Master of Quality and Operations Management and Master of Business

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Group Controller Strategy

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