Grow together with us

We’re a large, international Group with many different businesses throughout the entire value chain – from the sprout in the field to the food on our tables. The breadth in our operations in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food means that we can offer development opportunities in various directions: between industries, in different countries, in different companies, and in many different specialist areas.

Regardless of where you work in Lantmännen, we want you to see and be able to contribute to the entirety of what we’re achieving together. That’s why we’re working to create an inclusive culture with a strong focus on cooperation: we want solution-oriented co-workers with an open mindset that have the courage to try new things and want to impact the company’s development.

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We invest in our leaders

Managers in Lantmännen make sure our values – openness, holistic view and drive – define the company and drive it forward

Each employee is important to our success, but our leaders are the people that need to drive the work forward towards our common goals. That’s why Lantmännen has an extensive training program for managers and leaders.

For younger managers, we have the ‘Grow’ program; a comprehensive 13-month training in areas such as strategy, result-oriented leadership, change dynamics, and team leadership. We also work with mentors, coaching, leadership seminars, and web-based trainings.

We want our leaders to have the drive to develop both themselves and other co-workers, to be able to motivate and inspire others – and to see the potential in each individual. Being able to communicate clearly, and being inclusive and open to input, are also important characteristics. Lantmännen has developed six guiding stars for our leaders, which highlight how we view the work as manager.

Our values

Lantmännen’s values are openness, holistic view, and drive. The values guide us in our work and clarify how we should act in order to reach our goals – and to be a profitable and successful company.

Openness - dare to question, dare to listen

We’re open to changes in the market and among our customers. We are flexible and quick to adapt. We strive for an open work climate, with trust, transparency, and communication as important parts.

Holistic view - our forces combined

We act in a sustainable and long-term way by seeing our own operations and ourselves as parts of a greater whole. We take responsibility for contributing to the entirety, and seek cooperation and good relations with colleagues.

Drive - acting and strengthening confidence

We take initiative, act proactively, and take personal responsibility for results. We make decisions that drive us forward towards new and better solutions. That means it’s also OK to sometimes make mistakes that we learn from.