“Lantmännen’s Graduate Trainee Program – a unique start to your career”

As a Lantmännen trainee, you’re offered a unique start to your career, where you get to work with strong brands and exciting future issues in energy, agriculture, and food. The purpose of the trainee program is, among other things, to secure our long-term access to skilled managers and co-workers for key positions.

As a trainee, you will also get to contribute to our vision of a sustainable society, while creating a valuable network. With engagement, drive and ideas, you will become an important part of Lantmännen’s success and development. Once you’ve finished the program, new challenges await in one of our businesses – with a possibility for an assignment abroad.

Recruitment for the 2018-2019 program has passed

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Personal and professional development

Lantmännen’s Graduate Trainee Program spans 15 months and gives a comprehensive understanding of the work being done in the entire Group. The program consists of four work periods, with each period being up to 3 months long. In each assignment, you as a trainee will be responsible for a business-critical project or mission, and at least one assignment will be outside of Sweden. The four periods are discussed together with the program manager, and you have the possibility to be placed at any of Lantmännen’s various operations.

A number of training sessions are held in parallel with the work periods, with input from the entire Group. The training provides a good platform in important areas such as leadership, personal development, and strategic business thinking. The trainee program also contains a strategic project that runs throughout the entire trainee period, with a focus on Lantmännen’s future development. The strategic projects are initiated directly by the Group Management team.

Between each assignment, follow-up, coaching and recharge is done – both as a group and on an individual basis. You will have your own mentor in the form of a former trainee, and will receive continuous individual coaching. After the program is finished, you will get a permanent position somewhere in our international organization.

We’re looking for high-performing individuals for the trainee program; people who are interested in having a career in a global company. You need at least a Bachelor Degree in technology, economy, or agriculture – and your personal abilities are of great importance.

Four Assignments and a Strategic Project

Within the framework of the trainee program, you will get many experiences in a wide range of businesses, operations, and challenges.

Four Assignments

The four work periods of the program are spread throughout all our business areas. At least one assignment will be abroad – probably in one of Lantmännen’s largest markets: the Nordics, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, the Baltics, Russia, or the US.

Assignments in Sweden depend on which project you are assigned or choose. Lantmännen has facilities throughout all of Sweden, and a large part of our businesses are based in Malmö and Stockholm.

The first two assignments are decided by the program manager; the first is based on your educational background, and the second is meant to make you go ‘outside your comfort zone’. The last two assignments are largely chosen by yourself, in dialogue with the program manager. You will get a list of alternatives, but you can more or less create your own project and choose your own placement. You will of course get help with advice and contacts.

The projects vary greatly, and one aim of the program is to give you as a trainee a wide range of knowledge in different areas in Lantmännen.

Examples of previous assignments

  • Junior Brand Manager
  • Action driven analysis of the construction equipment markets in the Baltics
  • Global logistic excellence
  • The opportunity of digital sales platforms in China
  • New business integration project
  • R&D assistance
  • Market plan rustics
  • Reintroduction of the Petroleum-business
  • Establish an agricultural sector in Norway
  • Project development manager 

Strategic Group Project

One important part of the trainee program is the strategic group project, which is meant to give you insights and knowledge about Lantmännen’s vision and strategies – and extensive knowledge about our unique business range.

Through meeting key people in the Lantmännen Group, you will get the chance to create a valuable network that can strengthen your career in the long term. The project will take about 10 percent of your time during 10 months, and a project manager will guide your project team throughout the assignment.

Examples of previous projects

  • Tracebility as competitive advantage
  • Profitability through sustainable development
  • Alternative energy sources in machinery
  • Product innovation in agriculture