New report shows: Skylark plots have a significant positive effect!

May 2018  Skylark plots have a significant positive effect on breeding skylarks, according to a new report from Lantmännen, WWF, BirdLife Sweden and SLU. 

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Lantmännen’s result in line with the previous year

Lantmännen’s result for the first eight months of 2018, after net financial items and adjusted for items affecting comparability, amounts to 1 058 MSEK – compared to last year’s result of 1 112 MSEK.

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Lantmännen is Sweden's most sustainable food brand

Lantmännen is Sweden's most sustainable brand in the food category, according to Swedish consumers. Overall, Lantmännen is rated the third most sustainable brand in Sweden according to the Sustainable Brand Index survey.

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The support package: the first payment has been made

To improve the situation for Sweden’s farmers after the heat wave and drought this summer, a powerful support package was put forward by Lantmännen to its members. One part of the package was an extra dividend which now has been paid to the members. 

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