Lantmännen Greenhouse

Lantmännen Greenhouse is an educational program for those who have an innovative business idea. The program is free and open to anyone who wants to apply.

Are you an entrepreneur with a good idea that you want help to develop further? Lantmännen’s Greenhouse is an educational program where you get help from experienced entrepreneurs to develop and enhance your ideas so that you can move forward with them. The program is an intensive course in business development including sales training, business models, finance strategies and much more. Lantmännen Greenhouse is free and open to anyone who wants to apply – both entrepreneurs and employees at Lantmännen.

Dragon’s den gives recommendations

The program is concluded with participants pitching their projects to a dragon’s den that recommends how the project should be taken forward. The best projects are offered support in the form of financing, business development and/or development of prototypes.

How does it work?

The program starts in April and runs until May 2017. It consists of six afternoons with workshops and a half day of presentations. All seven parts of the program takes place in Lund at Ideon.

All participants sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that the ideas are not spread outside the group. Of course, all entrepreneurs maintain all legal rights to their projects.

Short facts


  • Workshop 1 – 18 April at 2pm-6pm
  • Workshop 2 – 25 April at 2pm-6pm
  • Workshop 3 – 2 May at 2pm-6pm
  • Workshop 4 – 9 May at 2pm-6pm
  • Workshop 5 – 16 May at 2pm-6pm
  • Workshop 6 – 23 May at 2pm-6pm
  • Dragons Den – 30 May at 1pm-7pm

Where - Ideon, Lund.

Who - Entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas with potential to grow. Each team should have 2-3 members.

What is a good idea?

A good idea is an idea that is unique and has a high commercial potential. The idea should be able to stand alone and be strong enough to become a profitable company in the future. Scale is an important factor.

Your business idea should be a food or agriculture innovation. Examples of interesting areas are food with added value for health, grain-based ingredients, analysis methods, process technology and packaging technology and projects that contribute to an increased production in the agriculture sector and a better use of production aids in the fields.

Why should I apply?

As an entrepreneur, you get to focus on an idea and get support in taking it forward. It’s an opportunity for you to meet and be inspired by other innovative people. At the same time you get a practical education in business development by focusing on a real case. Above all, Lantmännen Greenhouse is a fun and intensive program that can give your innovation a push in the right direction!

Apply to Lantmännen's Greenhouse!

To submit your application, write an email to where you discribe you idea and the team. The last day for application is the 10th of March.

Previous projects

Digital consulting

During one of our Greenhouse programs, two of Lantmännen’s employees looked into the possibility of extending the consulting services that we provide for plant breeders. The project was approved and become an important part of Lantmännen’s development of digital services for Swedish farmers.

Lantmännen launched their first platform LM² in 2016. LM² further develops Lantmännen’s digital offering to farmers and coordinates all business using one platform.

Green protein

Lantmännen Agroetanol is the Nordic region’s largest producer of sustainable ethanol. To make the processing of ethanol more efficient, they looked at adding fungus in the process.

Besides being used for ethanol production, they discovered that the fungus could be refined into a tasty green protein. This was further examined in the Greenhouse by a group from Agroetanol. The project was approved and given resources for further development within Lantmännen.

The project has now been granted almost half a million SEK in funding to further develop climate-smart protein as an alternative to conventional meat production. 

Contact us

If you want to know more about Lantmännen Greenhouse, feel free to contact Jakob or Emma who are program coordinators.

Jakob Söderström

Innovation and Business Development
Lantmännen R&D
Tel: + 46 10 556 10 59

Emma Nordell

Innovation and Business Development
Lantmännen R&D
Tel: + 46 10 556 10 13


Sting is a recognized successful business incubator with extensive experience in developing business ideas and startups. Sting helps entrepreneurs with business development, financing, recruitment and networking and has supported over 150 startups. Sting and Lantmännen started their collaboration in 2011 with Sting selecting certain Lantmännen projects and providing them with business support. They are also responsible for the program Lantmännen Greenhouse.

Sting website

Ideon Agro Food

Ideon Agro Food is an operative foundation that conducts innovative projects within food and agriculture. The business is primarily based on collaborative projects between companies and universities. Over the years, more than 500 projects have been conducted with the participation of companies of all sizes. From idea to innovation, from research to finished product. Some examples are oat drink (Oatly) and Pro Viva. Lantmännen was one of the initiators of the foundation 30 years ago and since then Ideon Agro Food has contributed with their expertise in several of Lantmännen's projects.

Ideon Agro Food’s website