Lantmännen’s innovation efforts permeate the entire company. We actively work with inspiring employees to be intrapreneurial as well as with entrepreneurs and start-ups concerning open innovation.

Innovation and business development is a key part of Lantmännen’s work. We develop and offer products and services with added value demanded by consumers in terms of quality, health and environment, and at the same time contribute to development in a sustainable direction.What constitutes great performance and what brings added value changes over time. Lantmännen's business development is therefore about continuously moving forward so that the average performance of a product category gradually improves.

From idea to business

Our innovation efforts involve actively working at all stages in the development from idea to business opportunity. Apart from product development in our business, we also work with the implementation of the results from the research that we conduct or finance at institutes and universities. We invest greatly in developing our employees’ competencies within business development and innovation. In this way we continuously improve the innovation culture at Lantmännen.

Lantmännen’s Greenhouse

Do you have a great idea? If so, you make your idea grow together with us in Lantmännen’s Greenhouse! The Greenhouse is a practical education program within business development for employees at Lantmännen as well as external entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. In the Greenhouse, experienced entrepreneurs help them to develop and enhance their ideas so that they can move forward with them. The program is a collaboration between Lantmännen, the business incubator Sting and the foundation Ideon Agro Food.

The purpose of the program is to encourage and support innovations within the food and agriculture sector. We believe that through the Greenhouse, we can create a meeting place that everyone can benefit from, and where we together can develop the innovations of tomorrow.

We believe in collaboration

At Lantmännen, we believe in cooperation. By partnering with entrepreneurs and startups, we can go further together and benefit from of each other’s’ expertise and advantages. Thanks to our collaborations over the years, we have launched new businesses, developed products and achieved great research results.

Lantmännen started collaborating with Sting, Stockholm Innovation and Growth a couple of years ago to get better contact with entrepreneurs and startups. Sting is a recognized successful business incubator with extensive experience in developing business ideas and startups. Sting helps entrepreneurs with business development, financing, recruitment and networking and has supported over 150 startups. In addition to contacts with entrepreneurs, Sting also selects certain Lantmännen projects to give business support to. 

Cgrain – automatized grain analysis

C grain AB is a company that develops and sells instruments for optic quality control in grain management. It started as a research project at the University of Uppsala, funded by the Lantmännen Research Foundation. The cooperation with the developer Jaan Luup led to Lantmännen founding the company Cgrain together with Mr. Luup. Today the company has developed instruments that can complement manual, visual analysis of grains. Cgrain continuously works to develop its instruments and technology for new application areas and markets. 

More about Cgrain

CropTailor – refining oats for the future

Lantmännen runs one of the world’s most successful oats processing programs, in which we develop various types of oats with special quality for use in food and feed. In order to maximize the pace of development we combine our own development in the Lantmännen Agriculture Sector with the development within the Swedish biotech company CropTailor, that has developed a technology for refining oats quickly and with high precision.

CropTailor was founded in 2007 and the company is the result of many years of research and technology development, funded by among others private financiers, the Swedish Research Council, Formas, the Swedish Foundation for Agricultural Research and the Lantmännen Research Foundation. Through its technology CropTailor can produce corn with special qualities, such as oats with higher levels of beta-glucan and protein, as well as higher resistance to plant diseases. Lantmännen owns a majority of the company and works closely with the entrepreneurs behind it.

More about CropTailor

A few of our innovations

Lantmännen has launched several exciting innovations on the market, both in terms of products and services. Two examples of these innovations are Lantmännen BioAgris biologically treated seeds and Kungsörnen’s bean pasta.

Lantmännen BioAgri

Lantmännen BioAgri is the result of a research collaboration with SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, from the 80’s about bacteria against seed-borne diseases in grains. Lantmännen BioAgri was founded in 1996 and uses natural micro-organisms as a basis for developing and selling environmentally friendly pesticides and products for growth regulation within agriculture and forestry as well as within the horticultural industry. The main components of the plant protection developed by BioAgri are found naturally in the soil. This contributes to better growth, larger harvests and less toxins in nature.

More about Lantmännen BioAgri

Kungsörnens’ bean pasta

In February 2016, a new unique pasta was launched on the grocery store shelves – Kungsörnen’s bean pasta! The pasta is made of 30% beans from Öland which adds protein and fiber, but still maintains the smoothness and taste of the pasta. The first trials started in 2014 by a graduate student at Lantmännen who proved that a mixture of grains and beans resulted in a very interesting pasta. The development team at Lantmännen and the farmers who cultivated the beans in the pasta launched the new product.

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