Lantmännen Research Foundation

The Lantmännen Research Foundation is our own foundation that invests in external research at universities, colleges and institutes. The Foundation is the very backbone of our main research work and part of our engagement with open innovation, where researchers and innovators can seek financial support for scientific purposes. This year we will be able to grant funding up to SEK 25 milllion to various projects. These investments aim to help us to develop ideas and support the generation of new knowledge that can add more value throughout the chain from field to fork. The longer term aim of such research is to implement the results, either in the form of increased knowledge, or alternatively directly in our operations or on our owners’ farms. The type of projects that can be financed is described in the Foundation’s mission statement below.

The Foundation’s mission is to pursue scientific research and development within grain and other crops from agricultural cultivation and further processing to promoting the use of such crops.

Apply for funds in our research foundation

The Lantmännen Research Foundation has an open call in September every year. Decisions is announced in early December. The call texts will be uppdated before next call opens.

Applications, reports and assessments are processed via the Foundation portal. Instructions can be found there.

Link to the Research Portal here

If you are planning a new project, we will be happy to discuss possible project structures and choice of raw materials with you. We are also interested in degree work, feasibility studies and pilot projects within our three focus areas.

Three focus areas

The Foundation’s work is divided into three focus areas, within which are a number of prioritised areas. These are described in the call for proposals texts that explain what parts we are currently particularly interested in and encourage applications. If you have a project idea that spans more than one focus area, you are welcome to contact us, and we can help you choose the right area for your application.he call for proposals texts are updated ahead of each round of applications and can be found under the different focus area pages.

Assessment criteria

Are you interested in applying for funding from our research foundation? Here are the criteria we look at when evaluating applications. 

Scientific quality
- Does the application contain a current description of the background and state of knowledge?
- Are hypotheses and goals well described?
-Is the issue scientifically described?

 Proposed materials and methods
- Are the selected materials and methods validated and relevant to the research question?
-Are the proposed materials and methods available within reasonable time?
- Is the material and the method unique in any way?
- Are there any ethical or environmental risks associated with the project?

 Applicant’s or group’s scientific expertise
- Is there an updated CV attached?
- Does the project group have the required expertise?
- Has the group previously been published within the field?

- Is the entire cost of the project accounted for?
- Are the costs clearly accounted for in the different parts of the project?
- Are the costs and other efforts reasonable? Can something be done differently in order to reduce project costs?
- Has funding been granted or applied for from other financiers?
- Can the project be conducted without the participation of the Lantmännen Research Foundation?
- Has the foundation’s limit of overhead costs not exceeding 30% of the total project budget been taken into account?

Time plan:
- Is there a clear time plan?
- Is the time plan linked to activities and deliveries?

- Is the project’s relevance, economic potential and time to market for primary production and/or industry and trade well described?
- Has the applicant described the impact the project can have in the area?
- Can the described deliveries be commercialized instantly or is further action required?
- Can the project lead to a patent or other form of intellectual property with commercial significance?

Plan for the reporting of results
- Is there a plan describing how results will be spread?
- Is there a plan for handling patents or other intellectual property?
- Is the plan for reporting results linked to the time of the deliveries?
- Is there a plan for scientific publishing?
- Is there a reference group where the foundation is represented in (mandatory in all the foundation’s projects).

Contact us

Do you want to know more about our research foundation? Please contact one of our colleagues at the foundation and they will help you!

Helena Fredriksson

Head of Research,
Lantmännen R&D
Tel: +46 10 556 10 47

Annelie Moldin

Bioenergy and Green Materials
Lantmännen R&D
Tel: +46 10 556 37 17

Pär-Johan Lööf

Agriculture and Machinery
Lantmännen R&D
Tel: + 46 10 556 11 68

Christian Malmberg

Food and Packaging
Lantmännen R&D
Tel: +46 10 556 10 03