Focus area: Bioenergy and Green materials

The shift to a bio-based economy will require innovation to develop sustainable production systems. Within this focus area, we are interested in projects that aim to exploit the potential in agriculture and at the same time offer advantages as we move towards a bio-based society.

Increased value of products and side streams

We finance projects that aim to use different material streams from agriculture more efficiently. Most of the industries in the sector are bio refineries, which will become more profitable by using by using every stream more efficiently. This is true irrespective of whether the end product falls under food, feed, bioenergy or green materials even though we are focusing on bioenergy and green materials in particular here. Grain, grassland and straw have the potential to contribute to a bio-based society. Achieving a bio-based economy is a big challenge and we are interested in projects where this is the focus. If you are planning a new project, we will be happy to discuss possible raw materials with you.


Lantmännen produces bioethanol, a renewable fuel where grain used to be the entire raw material base, but other raw materials are interesting. We prioritize projects originating in agriculture, aiming to develop environmentally green fuel components. We are interested in projects that aim to develop both existing and new energy products, use of new raw materials, production processes and application areas. Sustainable energy for all, UN sustainability goal no. 7, has been identified as a business critical goal for Lantmännen.

Green materials and biochemicals

We are interested in projects with the goal of developing new green materials and biochemicals with the potential to reduce petroleum dependency in society. Side streams from the milling industry, such as wheat bran and oat husks, are dominant raw materials in the materials projects we have been involved in to date. This is natural as they are well-defined, fall concentrated and are often accorded low value, however, other examples of raw materials are also in interesting. 

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