Focus area: Agriculture and Machinery

In this focus area we have the overarching objective to contribute to the profitable development of Swedish agriculture, both conventional and organic. Key success factors are increased production and better utilization of aids for production within both crop cultivation and livestock production.

Focus area 2016

We are interested in research that contributes to grain producers achieving the quality goals demanded by industrial consumers of grain. Other interesting areas of research involve minimizing the agriculture sector’s negative impact on the environment, for example concerning biodiversity and nutrient leakage, as well as methods to streamline measurements and analysis throughout the value chain.

Sustainable intensification of Swedish crop production

Our goal is for the Swedish production of grains to increase profitably from 5 million tons/year today to 6 million tons/year by 2020. To succeed requires cost efficiency throughout the entire value chain as well as a more goal oriented agriculture focusing on the right quality in the right place. We see the need for research within plant nutrients and crop protection – products as well as strategies – and plant breeding, machine technology and soil conservation.

In addition, we need new knowledge about the importance of timing within different measures, timeliness effects and management/business management. Our goal is for production to increase without a negative environmental impact.

Grain quality

For a profitable production and processing of grains, the grains need to fulfill the demanded quality requirements. The grain should have the right amount of protein and protein quality, starch content, falling number and kernel size. Moreover, it’s important to minimize the amount of undesired elements such as cadmium and fungal toxins and that further processing does not generate acrylamide or other toxic substances. To fulfill these requirements, knowledge is needed about the cultivation methods’ effect on the grain quality, different types of grain with the right qualities as well as methods to measure different substances in grains – precisely and at a low cost.

Feed development

Our overall goal is for Swedish livestock and animal production to grow profitably. In order to achieve this, development that leads to increased productivity within all animal species is required. Necessary increases in productivity require efficient use of feed and further development of animal health, not the least sustainability of the dams. A prioritized area is the development of efficient and climate smart feed based on Swedish crops and industrial raw materials. 

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