Focus area: Food and packaging

The focus area aims to contribute to a sustainable and profitable development of the food sector based on grains and other plant-based raw materials.

Improved quality of bread

The functional properties of water. Its interaction with other raw materials and ingredients in the different process phases, in storage and during the finished product’s life.

The crispiness of the bread crust. The goal is to extend the crispiness of the finished baked bread and laminated products.

Food with added value for health

The research should highlight the health effects of grain and provide knowledge in support of the development of food with health claims. Prioritized areas are the link between whole grain and the grain fraction’s carbohydrate quality on the metabolic syndrome, for example blood sugar and insulin regulation.  The properties of oats and rye and various grain-based side streams and their fractions are of particular interest.

Smaller projects that deepen our knowledge in intestinal health and cognitive ability are also of interest to us.

Fractionation of grain kernels and their side streams

Examining the best choice of process for the fractionation of grain kernels and their side streams, obtaining high concentrations of fiber, starch, protein, lipids as well as phytochemicals.

Developing and optimizing the properties of the fractions, so that they can be used as ingredients and raw materials for existing and new food products. Tastiness, quality and profitability are important parameters.

Increased knowledge of how ingredients and raw materials interact with the other components in food products as well as how they are processed in the most efficient way. 


The packaging chain for food. Issues such as design, functionality, sustainability and communication are of interest.

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