Sustainability Report

Lantmännen strives to provide relevant and transparent reporting of the work on responsibility and sustainable development. Lantmännen publishes an integrated Annual Report with Sustainability Report with the Appendix Sustainability Management and Indicators.

 The sustainability report is developed in accordance with the GRI's G4 guidelines, core level, including the industry-specific guidelines for the food sector (GRI Food Processing Sector Supplement). Cross-reference index according to GRI is included in the Appendix Sustainability Management and Indicators.

Lantmännen's Annual Report with Sustainability reports and the Appendix Sustainability Management and Indicators together with the information published on the website, fulfil the requirements of UN Global Compact Communication on Progress (COP), which is a report on progress regarding implementation of the Global Compact principles on corporate responsibility.
Read more about Lantmännens commitment to the principles of UN Global Compact.

Our key issues based on impact on people, the environment and long-term profitability

The Sustainability report contains topics prioritized by Lantmännen’s stakeholders and reflects the most significant areas in terms of the impact of our operations and contributions to sustainable development. The prioritization was done in different stages. Based on Lantmännen’s strategies, work and knowledge of the impacts of operations, business intelligence and market trends, and the results of dialogue conducted with stakeholders, we identified sustainability topics. The topics was prioritized in a process with experts from different parts of the business. The Group’s CSR committee decided on the materiality analysis, see below.

The issues that are most important for us to work with, monitor and communicate are above the dotted curve.

Governance, organization and responsiblity

Responsiblity from field to fork is a part of Lantmännen's strategy for long term profitability and a thriving farming. The sustainability strategy, with related strategies for organic and climate, and the work with sustainable business develoment is integrated in our strategic business planning. It is anchored in the Group Management team and the Board of Directors. Read more about Lantmännen's Strategy 2020.   

The Code of Conduct is the common thread in the work

Responsibility from field to fork is a foundation for Lantmännen’s strategy for long-term profitability and a thriving farming. Work on sustainable business development is integrated in our strategic business planning and with commitment in Group Management and the Board of Directors.

Our responsibility is defined in Lantmännen's Code of Conduct. The code provides guidelines for social and environmental responsibility in the different special areas that are relevant to Lantmännen's operations, and these are based on the Global Compact's ten principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Implementation of the Code of Conduct throughout the business is a key part of our sustainability programme. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is monitored annually by Group management.


All employees receive training in the Code of Conduct and this takes the form of Group-wide web-based training. In addition, there are also specific skills development activities for specific professions.


Organisation and responsibility

Each area of the code comes under the responsibility of different members of Group management, apart from the 'products' area, where each head of sector is responsible. The members of Group management who are responsible for areas of the code serve on Lantmännen's CSR committee, with overall responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the work and decisions on policy issues.

CSR Council members

  • Executive Vice President Operations - Chairman
  • Director Sustainable Development, GF Sustainable Development – Convener
  • Director Group Supply Chain, GF Supply Chain
  • General Counsel and Compliance officer, GF Legal Affairs & Compliance
  • Group Chief Financial Officer, GF Finance and Treasury
  • Director Group External Communication and Branding, GF External Communication and Branding
  • Head of HR and Internal Communication, GF Human Resources & Internal Communication
  • Director Group R&D, GF R&D