Sustainable development

Our vision is to lead the refinement of farmland resources in an innovative and responsible manner for the farming of tomorrow. With extensive knowledge about grains and our long term approach to farming, Lantmännen want to take an active role in creating a more sustainable energy and food supply. Here we describe our business – taking responsibility from field to fork and focusing on issues that are of importance for a sustainable, profitable and thriving farming. 

An important part of our business development is to develop and offer products and services that bring added value to our health and the environment.

Our role

The Lantmännen Group responsibly develops sustainable solutions. Together with other actors in the value chain we create profitable business that also contributes to a sustainable food and energy supply.

Sustainable business

Developing sustainable grain concepts is an important part of Lantmännen’s strategic business development. Our contribution to a more sustainable supply of food and energy is based on knowledge of grain processing and our presence all the way from field to fork. Demand for cultivated raw materials is increasing, while there is an increasing focus on the challenges of the future supply of food and energy. Lantmännen’s knowledge and proximity to cultivation provides us with unique opportunities to contribute to more sustainable production and at the same time create profitable added values for health and the environment.

Important issues

Based on business intelligence and stakeholder dialogues we have identified a number of issues that are of particular interest to many of our customers and consumers. These issues mainly concern sustainable farming, and our primary and end products. We have gathered all the information under the section Important Issues. Some of them are presented below.

Sustainability reporting & Code of Conduct