Important issues

Based on business intelligence and stakeholder dialogues we have identified a number of issues that are of particular interest to many of our customers and consumers. These issues mainly concern sustainable farming, and our primary and end products. Below you can learn more about the issues and Lantmännen's management and work related to them.

A clear position on climate issues

In order to stop climate change and secure productive farming in the future, the climate impact of food production has to be reduced. 

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Palm oil

To ensure responsible palm oil production, we only purchase RSPO-certified palm oil. We are also working to accelerate the transition to this responsible sourcing together with colleagues in the...

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The premise is that we want safe products at all stages of our customers and consumers feel confident, and that no uncertified sludge to be returned to the fields.

GMO/genetic engineering

Genetic engineering presents opportunities for development of crops and cultivation techniques. Using genetic engineering techniques, crops can be instilled with properties such as resistance to...

Organic or conventional

The question of whether organic or conventional farming is the best solution for a sustainable food production has been raised many times. Lantmännen believes that both conventional and organic...

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Growth regulators

Straw-shortening agents inhibit the growth of grain stems, reducing the risk of crop lodging. We work to ensure that the use of chemicals in cultivation is sustainable, to minimize environmental an...

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Imported soybeans are a commonly and important protein raw material used in animal feed production. However, in several parts of the world, soy cultivation has negative consequences for people and...


One-third of the world's countries are threatened by a shortage of water. To ensure all people have access to clean water, from a global perspective, we need to achieve more efficient water use and...

Plant nutrients (fertiliser)

Eutrophication of water bodies through the leaching of nutrients from arable land is one of the key environmental issues in agriculture. Contamination by heavy metals in different fertilisers and...

Crop protection

Plant protection is about protecting crops from diseases, pests and weed competition. Plant protection is not just about chemical control, but also encompasses crop rotation, projections, choice of...


Apart from nutrients, planted crops can also absorb undesired substances that are naturally present in soils. One of these substances is cadmium. The levels of cadmium are low in grains compared to...


Origin and transparency are important issues for Lantmännen. We use Swedish grain in our products for the Swedish market, Swedish meat and poultry in our ready-to-eat dishes and more and more Swedi...

Food waste

Food waste in all parts of the food value chain must decrease. Lantmännen works for an efficient use of resources and reuse of materials to minimize waste.


Lantmännen is dependent of a well functioning eco system that embraces a variation of species. We source our most important material, grain, that we build our operations on, from our owners’...


To meet customer requirement for our food production, we use free range and barn eggs in our food products.

Sustainability reporting

Lantmännen's ambition is a relevant and transparent reporting of the work and performance related to sustainable development. We report, annually, our progress and results in the Annual Report with Sustainbility Report according to Global Reporting Initiative's Guidelines.

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