The direction is clear; we want to contribute to future solutions for food and bioenergy and  change towards a biobased circular economy. We will do it by creating a sustainable grain value cycle, where we make use of all streams and optimize the revenue from cultivation and production.

Four focus areas

For good results we need focus and work. We work within four areas where our most important responsiblity issues are included, and we manage both possibilities and challenges. It is also within the focus areas we have defined targets for what we want to achieve.

In our four focus areas we work to solve challenges and reach targets. We follow up targets continuously and communicate results annually in the Annual Report with Sustainability Report. Action plans are developed both on Group level, for Sectors and Business units. Read more about the focus areas below.

Sustainable agriculture

The number of people that the planet needs to feed, within its ecological boundaries, is increasing. To feed the entire population, we need a change in production and consumption. The main impact on climate and potential for improvement is within cultivation. That is why Lantmännen takes an active role in the development of more sustainable farming where we can make a difference for climate and nature.  

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Havre har ett karaktäristiskt utseende och är det sädesslag som är lättast att känna igen då det inte samlat ax, utan blommar i en vippa med småax.

Responsibility in the supply chain

We want our clients and customers to feel sure that we have knowledge and control throughout all our operations and that we do what we can to minimize negative impact on people, environment and natural resources.

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Safe and resource efficient production

Our production strives to be as efficient as possible and at the same time safe for our employees and others working there. We work continuously to make use of resources in all steps from production of the raw material, use of energy in refining to packaging and transports. Our work to reduce climate impact from our production is supported and directed by our climate strategy.

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Sustainable products

Sustainable solutions in the farming, for energy and food are keys to a sustainable development. Our products with sustainable added values are based on a strong value chain, where we optimize the benefits and minimize negative impact in all steps. It can be biobased renewable raw material, climate efficient and environmentally positive products or food produced for a good health.

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