Our responsibility from field to fork supports our ambition to contribute to the future need of bioenergy and food. We take on three challenges, shared by all actors within energy and food supply in the world.

Three challenges for future bioenergy and food supply

Climate impact

Production of food accounts for a large part of the world's climate impact. To ensure productive farming and food production in the future, the climate impact must decrease especially in cultivation but also in production and transports.

Limited resources

With almost 9 billion people and still one planet, we need to be as efficient as possible and use resources wisely and minimize loss and waste. In all steps from field to fork.

Food habits

What we eat and how we eat matters. For both health and the environment. Increased knowledge and more conscious choices are needed to promote a healthy lifestyle. That is food habits for healthy people and a healthy planet.


Responsiblity from field to fork is a basis for Lantmännen's strategy for long term profitability and thriving farming.

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How we work

Our model for sustainable business development has four perspectives: risk management, brand value, resource efficiency and increased revenue from business develoment.

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Governance and responsibility

The work with sustainble business development is integrated in our strategic  planning and part of the agenda for all our businesses and operations.

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International initiatives

Lantmännen has operations in many countries, is active on more than 20 markets and is an influencial actor within the grain value chain. Our responsibility and sustainability strategy is based on...

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Sustainable business

Developing sustainable grain concepts is an important part of Lantmännen’s strategic business development. Our contribution to a more sustainable supply of food and energy is based on knowledge of grain processing and our presence all the way from field to fork. Demand for cultivated raw materials is increasing, while there is an increasing focus on the challenges of the future supply of food and energy. Lantmännen’s knowledge and proximity to cultivation provides us with unique opportunities to contribute to more sustainable production and at the same time create profitable added values for health and the environment.

Grain is our main thread

Grain is the foundation of Lantmännen's business operations. Our contribution to the development of a more sustainable supply of food and energy is based on our knowledge of grain processing and our presence all the way from field to fork. Increased growth from sustainable business requires close cooperation with other players. This takes the form of work on development and innovation with researchers and suppliers, and constructive dialogue with customers and consumers about the added values that are in demand and that can be offered.

With a focus on the cultivation stage

Seen from a life cycle perspective, the main impact and the greatest potential to make a difference is in the cultivation stage. In view of this, a large part of our work on sustainable business involves developing forms of cultivation with lower environmental impacts, through advice to farmers and further development of technologies and methods. Together with farmers and customers, we are also developing new grain concepts and other refined products with sustainable added values.

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Our key issues

Our key issues based on impact on people, the environment and long-term profitability.

Thriving farming

Lantmännen’s mission is to create thriving farming. The cooperative ownership model is central to long-term economic stability and endurance. The results of operations go back to Swedish farmers and are also reinvested in the business, where research and development play a key role.

Quality and traceability

Lantmännen’s knowledge and presence in all stages from field to fork gives us unique conditions for ensuring control and traceability of our products. The green sprout on food from Lantmännen is our guarantee of responsibly produced food, with quality and food safety playing a key role.