Friendlier wheat - 20% lower climate impact

Since autumn 2015, all wheat flour from Kungsörnen has been Friendlier Wheat, produced using Lantmännen's cultivation concept Climate & Nature. A cultivation concept that reduces the climate impact of wheat by up to a remarkable 20 percent.

Did you know?

Friendlier Wheat is now being grown in an area equivalent of 18,000 football pitches and delivers carbon dioxide emission savings of 8,000 tons.

Friendlier Wheat one of the results of a partnership between Lantmännen owners, Swedish farmers, dialogue with our customers, and extensive research and innovation work. Our Friendlier Wheat makes it easy to make a climate smart choice.

To give consumers an opportunity to choose wheat with less climate impact, we have further developed several parts of the cultivation chain. From how land is used to how the wheat is harvested contributes both to the quality of the wheat and its impact on our climate and nature. Smarter cultivation methods also contribute to increasing biodiversity. For example, this new cultivation method means that farmers need to use more climate-friendly fertiliser, take a course on eco-driving a tractor and create so-called skylark plots, undrilled areas where skylarks can nest and forage for food. All with the aim of reducing climate impact - from field to fork.